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The Seau Story

Being from San Diego is one thing when it came to hearing about Jr. but I also went to high school and was really good friends with his son Tyler Seau and his niece Shannalieu. When I got the news of their father and uncle passing I was really distraught for a second. I mean I only met him twice and Tyler was pretty adamant that he was quite a dead beat father so I at first thought nothing much about their loss. However, it got me thinking how politically and to the community Jr. Seau was so much more and was considered a great man and supporter of community and such. To me the separation of how he carried his private life and personal life was enough to drive me crazy and I’m not even in the picture. It got me thinking about how much American culture and society values the superficial aspect of just about everything that once was sincere. All things are based on appearance and even the life and death of someone who was constantly in the community and looked at as a great human being was still to me a deadbeat father who had many children by many different women. So the question I guess, is it worth it? Is it worth upholding this facade and constantly juggling two lives to look one way to the mass people in your life and be another behind closed doors? We all do it in some aspects but how real are the people we call friends and family? Got into some disturbia shit right here. Go spy on your neighbor.


The Gay Marriage Windfall

Ok I am from California where gays have been able to marry, skip, live and do as they please for a few years now. I wish I could say this perspective of economy driven marriage and rights surprised me but it really does not. America is very much in debt due to our issues with interfering with other’s affairs, so what can we do, we can get a big boom economically by legalizing gay marriages in every state. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize weddings are expensive as hell and by allowing gay marriage revenue would undoubtedly increase tenfold. I am a little upset at the moral sanctity in all of it though. Marriage used to be something completely different than it is today that I get, but are we giving gay people the right to marry for our own beneficial financial gain.? ( speaking for the government there) Well, the answer is definitely yes, I would be upset if I were a gay person and was trying to marry the person I loved. People have been fighting for their rights for a very long time and to see them belittled like this is a poor reflection of how America handles their business. I feel as if I live in a country that cares more about the value of a dollar and how many they can possess than the life and happiness of its occupants. It is a shame that our government is so good at running things right in front of our noses but yet behind our backs. It is just strange to me how the sanctity of marriage is being tainted not even by same sex marriage but by the moral compass of the institution itself. Marriage is just that after all an institution, another institution that is bringing in money for the economy and the government. Moral of America is…Cash rules everything around me. CREAM.

Showdown at the H2O corral

Well isn’t this just the dandiest little battle I have had come to my attention in a while. Hell the 1964 Wilderness Act is involved so you know this is going to get some attention. This article is almost unbelievable. Shovels and horses to repair a pipeline for a water source. If that is not some wild wild west shit I really do not know what is. What really is messed up is how blatantly stupid the U.S. government looks when they try to pull shit like this. How petty is this for the U.S. when it comes to financial and man power. So this makes me think this has nothing to do with a broken pipeline for water and more to do with the Huachuca mountains and the land. If there is one thing my government has taught me it is that they are very sneaky and have ways of getting things that you never knew they were after. This story is bound to get more national attention because it is the classic story of david vs goliath, the underdog story, America loves that shit. Fix the damn pipeline already.

Cellphone addiction on the rise

Ok so this video/study was kind of funny to me, I mean the simple fact that all of the participants in this interview are old people made me actually laugh. The second thing that struck me is how pathetic this makes the rest of us look. Yes, I have a droid and yes I text my ass off and have a facebook, but addicted? me fuck that no way. So then I thought about it, I mean I have broken phones and gone without phones for days but I do very much so enjoy being connected with everyone and being able to hit the good squad up on the weekends, so am I addicted? I mean the people in this interview were a little too much but I do see how there can definitely be a fine line between useful and just straight annoying and needy. To say you depend on a tech device like that is just as bad as all these gamers out there that get so much shit for sitting locked up in a room all day. It is going to be really interesting to see how this next generation turns out in a few years. I feel like I am in between a period where I am going to see ‘nomophobia’ in all it’s glory. So now go to a shrink because you have nomophobia and it effects your life negatively. What a cycle this is going to be.

Task Force: Tell Young Patients to Stay Out of Sun

Ok so a faulty agency with a shifty background of advice of feminine routine check ups and pre cancerous screening wants to talk about advice for young people when it comes to sun exposure and skin cancer. I am not the only ocean minded girl that is going to laugh in the face of these corporate retards, just like I am not the only light skinned haole in Hawaii. I have been next to or in the ocean my entire life and I am nothing much but a half Irish freckly fuck that has good balance. What these stupid articles, and these corporate commercialized adults fail to represent in any capacity is the cultural and societal pressures for the color of your skin and how tan you are. My entire life growing up in San Diego was a constant battle year round, especially summer, for complete tan-ness. Yes, everyone knows of skin cancer but yet society puts a favored gem on the tan lads of the bunch. It is sought after all the time and considered attractive the tanner you are. So just like an addictive substance we have this habit and social stigmatism of tan skin somehow being superior and valued in our society. So how are stupid, less than clever political advances going to halt a very serious epidemic that is grounded in the youth culture? Ya their not.

Task Force: Tell young patients to stay out of sun

Lethal combo killed artist Thomas Kinkade

So another death of another talent, sure he was a mainstream mass marketed artist with even a trademarked name of the sorts but still, credit to a talent that I do not possess myself. The bigger underlying issue with these constant instances of misused and mistreated drugs mixed with alcohol is the pharmaceutical companies and the revenue they are really getting out of American lives being taken. Sure we have all heard of the popular and media stricken cases that gain worldwide recognition such as Heath Ledger and the likes but really how many lives are being altered and taken from the “abuse” of prescription drugs and their friend alcohol. I have had a few friends die from a direct result of oxycontin and I know I am not the only human that knows the direct links between some pharmaceutical drugs and the base compounds found in street drugs. My big question/complaint is why do we not have a problem with things like this in America? We have so much time and money to put into other foreign affairs, key word being FOREIGN but yet we have little moral imperative to the next generation of our own land. It is not a surprise to me at all that Pharmaceutical companies are flourishing at this point just as it is not a surprise that oil company owners are rich. I guess what I don’t get is why the media feels necessary to think of the majority of Americans dull enough to not see a pattern when it comes to the abuse of prescription drugs and expect only a reaction when a popular entity such as Thomas Kinkade is a victim of such.

Lethal combo killed artist Thomas Kinkade

Why are we still in ‘Vietghanistan’

This article was written by a vietnam war veteran  Scott Camill his aim is to try and let the american people who are affected by their media to open their perspective up and ask the right questions. Often times we see images on our televisions and in magazines and papers of these so called war crimes and american troops smiling amongst the bodies of dead afghans. Americans get upset that they see these images and they sympathize with the victims or the dead. What Camill brings up that I especially liked is americans are being fed these images through media that amplifies american innocence. As a vietnam veteran Camill states, ” Today my country perpetrates the same crimes against my children’s generation. This is unbelievably hard for me to take.” This opened my eyes drastically to how similar indeed this horrible ‘war’ is to vietnam. America has indeed not learned from their mistakes nor changed their habits or policies at all. We continue to ignorantly go around and produce mass casualties and al the rest is ‘ collateral damage’. Exactly why when I graduate I am so out of the U.S.